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Ashley Heeley's West Highland Way Diary
Final Thoughts

Day 9 - Farewells, home and final thoughts

So we met up with Matt, Karen and Mike and managed to find something to assist Matts love life. We have talked about doing the South Downs Way next year. I hope we can, as they are lovely people. We said our farewells and I went to look for Bruce and Hillary. We found them in the High Street and wished them all the best. Not sure if we will see them again. I hope we do though.

Now we had talked about coming home today (Sunday) and after some frantic phone calls to check on train times and if the tickets were valid we decided to come home so I'm on the train now heading for home and reflecting on a lovely week.

The train home
The train home

So finally what are the closing thoughts. Well, firstly it was a great walk. The Highland scenery is quite spectacular. It seemed easier than last year and the way was really well marked. We didn't need any maps and only looked at the book to see where we were. The bluebells along Loch Lomond were fantastic and will stay in my memory for a long time. As will the day on Ben Nevis.

Once again the people you meet make the trip. It was great to see Karen, Mike and Matt again. They are great fun and they put up with Dale and me very gainfully. Bruce and Hilary were also great and put up with our constant ribbing with good humour. James, Christophe and John (team paraffin) were much quieter and I think struggled with our sense of humour sometimes but they are bright young men and I'm sure will go on to do great things.

Probably because it's shorter you don't get to know people as well as on the coast-to-coast but we met some funny and interesting people on route.

A quick note on accommodation etc. The best places were the Innversaid Lodge and Kingshouse. Best meal was either at Innversnaid Lodge and the Kingshouse as we were tired and it was good comfort food. Best beer at the Grog and Gruel in Fort William and best breakfast at Kingshouse.

That's it for this year and we'll see what we can do next year. I will put this and the photos on the website soon and Bruce has said he will put my steamy moment in the forest on youtube so watch out for that.

Signing off

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