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Ashley Heeley's West Highland Way Diary
Accommodation Reviews

Accommodation Comments

Milngavie – West View Guest House *****

A cracking little B & B. Very welcoming and Morag rang me while I was on the train to check what time I would be there and wishing us well. A nice touch. Morag the landlady is brilliant and a right character as they say in these parts. She told us that she has 6 young lads who have just signed professional forms for Rangers coming to stay for next season and she has to be ‘mummy Morag’ teaching them how to look after themselves etc. I can see her doing a brilliant job at that and those lads will be well looked after.

The breakfast was good and rated an 8. The smoked salmon and scrambled egg were first class and it got us off to a great start.

Balamha – Oak Tree Inn ****

A comfortable place to stay. The room was OK and the meal in the pub was very good. They didn’t know where the guest beer came from and when it ran out they had no replacement so not good on that front. But they had a good range of malts and it was our first tasting session, which was very nice.

The breakfast was a bit disappointing being a bit ‘industrial’ i.e. we had to do our own toast, the sausage etc was average and it lost a * on that basis. The breakfast rated a 5.

Inversnaid – Inversnaid Lodge *****

A brilliant place to stay. The walk up the hill after a days walk was not very welcome and called for some choice words, but that was soon forgotten as soon as we walked in and were made very welcome. The lodge is old and is tastefully decorated. The view from the window was quite breathtaking and I couldn’t really get enough of it. The meal was simple but top notch. Home reared beef stew, homemade trifle, beer, wine whiskey. What more could anyone want. The chap was a little Basil Fawlty but not as manic and in a funny way and added to the atmosphere of the place. There was a group of photography club people staying at the same time and I think they were just enjoying being away for a week as they didn’t seem to be planning to take many photos. After dinner they all sat in the sitting room and didn’t say a word. I tried to liven the proceedings up a bit, as you do after lots of beer, wine and a whiskey but to no avail. Had us in stitches though!!! Breakfast was very good rated a 9.

Tyndrum – Invervey Hotel *

A right dump to be honest. It’s changed its name to something I can’t remember but it is tired, scruffy and in need of some major investment. The restaurant was a carvery and distinctly average. The bar (Paddy’s bar) was horrible and the breakfast was very very bad. (rated 3 and that’s generous). Please avoid the place.

Kingshouse – Kingshouse *****

I’d heard some bad things about Kingshouse but we found it very good. The room was great. We were lucky to have the family room, which meant that Dale had a separate bit, plus a double bed while I could be in another part so he couldn’t hear me snoring. The beer was good, the food was good, the breakfast was good (rated 9). Just a shame Liverpool lost. The best bit though was seeing the deer outside the bedroom window. Marvellous.

Kinlochleven – MacDonald Hotel ****

Good place again. The food was very good and the room good also. The breakfast could have been good but the kippers were cold (i.e. still frozen) and the poached egg was over done (rated 6) but had the potential to be higher. Perhaps we they had a bad day.

Fort William – Glenlochy Guest House ***

Not a bad place. Our room was probably the smallest we’d had and the breakfast was self-service although it wasn’t bad. Call me old fashioned but I prefer to be waited on in my B & B although I understand why they do it. Will rate it a 7. They were very good when we decided to come home a day early and didn’t charge us for the night we had booked although they could have. We did tell a little porkey as we have no shame!!!

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