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Ashley Heeley's West Highland Way Diary

My West Highland Way Diary 2007

Last year on the Coast-to-Coast was an incredible experience on a number of different levels. One of the outstanding aspects, are the friendships that build up, bumping into and walking with different people over the 2 weeks. The shared experiences, the funny stories, the banter, build strong bonds. At the end of the walk last year, after a few beers in the Bay Hotel, we vowed that we would all meet up and do the West Highland Way the following year. Many a promise is made after a few pints and I must confess that I had my doubts when the time came to organise the walk this year. I had been in email contact with Pat and Miriam from New Zealand, Bruce from Canada, Kate from the USA and Karen, Matt, Michael and Mark from here in the UK. Unfortunately, Paul and Karen never responded which is OK as it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

It was a very pleasant surprise when both Karen and co responded positively and an even bigger one when Bruce said he would come over from Canada. Obviously Pat and Miriam couldn’t come over from NZ again and Kate tried to come but a new job plus very extensive travelling last year meant she couldn’t make it. She may make next years though?

After a brief planning meeting at Dale’s house one weekend, where we thought doing it the ‘fast pace’ in the book (it seemed a good idea after a couple bottles of red wine!!) the plan was emailed round and Bruce and The Hostellers committed to come and it all came together surprisingly easily. It was great when we met up again in Milngavie and caught up on what had been happening since last June. Lovely people.

The diary was again completed on my Blackberry at the end of the day, usually after a few beers and malt whiskies so please excuse some of the content. It is therefore a ‘real time’ account of our trip done just before I went to bed. I hope whoever reads this, enjoys it and that it may help those who may be thinking about doing the walk and inspire some people to have a go.

Me and Dale at the start


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