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Ashley Heeley's West Highland Way Diary
Day 1

Day 1 – Glasgow – Milngavie 10 miles – The Start

Well we are here and ready to start the walk proper.

We had an event free journey up from Selby. Everything ran to time and the views from the train in Northumberland were superb.

Weather wise it was glorious until we got off the train at Glasgow. Anyway, it was only when we got off the train and put our backpacks on that we realise how flippin' heavy they were. Just to recap, our plan was to walk from Glasgow to Milngavie, which meant that we had to carry all our stuff before those nice Sherpa people carry our stuff the rest of the way.

Glasgow Central Station on arrival
Glasgow Central Station on arrival

Anyway, we leave Glasgow station in full gear with these bloody great backpacks on, walking poles the lot into a Saturday afternoon shopping street. Boy did we get some strange looks! We eventually found Kelvingrove Park and set off in the rain on our adventure.

It was fairly uneventful apart from the pain from the backpack until we got to Maryhill Park. Now call me paranoid but there were definitely a couple of dodgy folk in there and my walking pole was primed. Anyway we managed to safely reach our B and B and very nice it is too.

Leaving Glasgow - 2 miles before Milngavie
Leaving Glasgow - 2 miles before Milngavie

Best of all we went to the Cross Keys pub and met up with our friends from last year, Canada Bruce who was with his daughter Hillary this year, Karen, Matt, Michael and a new person who of course were the Young Hostellers. We had a great night catching up and sinking the odd pint. It was lovely to see them all again and we were already talking about next year.

Dale is not looking forward to my snoring although I do have my Snoreeze and I've hidden the Swiss army knife!!!

I've ordered scrambled egg and Scottish smoked salmon for breakfast tomorrow. Aren’t I good? I'll save my fry up's and pie's for tomorrow. So night night. It's 19 miles tomorrow so here goes.

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